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Fitness Trainer


Resistance training courses
Crossfit (multiple physical fitness)

LYNXOne to one coaching and personalized training for maximizing results and time. Matching your needs, abilities and goals, techniques and guidance to keep you motivated and accountable. From all-round fitness and strength building to full body transformation.

Keep it versatile – and controlled. Target individual or multiple muscle groups for strength, stability and stamina. Swing, squat, press, pull, lift with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, benches, half racks, Smith machine and more.


Akbar Sarbaz is a Men’s Physique athlete and fitness model from Iran. He initially entered the world of bodybuilding for one simple reason; to increase his strength.
As his passion grew though, Akbar ended up becoming a champion bodybuilder.
He now has many victories under his belt, including the Olympia China 2018 and World Championships Spain 2017. Akbar continues to motivate his growing fanbase with his incredible physique and success on the stage.



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