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Stretching Instructor

Group training
Individual classes

LYNXOne to one coaching and personalized training for maximizing results and time. Matching your needs, abilities and goals, techniques and guidance to keep you motivated and accountable. From all-round fitness and strength building to full body transformation.

Keep it versatile – and controlled. Target individual or multiple muscle groups for strength, stability and stamina. Swing, squat, press, pull, lift with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, benches, half racks, Smith machine and more.


Natalie, a passionate and knowledgeable Stretching Instructor, empowers her clients to unlock their full flexibility potential. With a deep understanding of muscle physiology and fascia, she designs personalized stretching programs. Natalie guides individuals through safe and effective self-stretching routines, helping them improve mobility, prevent injuries, and enhance overall well-being. Her commitment to promoting flexibility makes her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to move freely and feel their best.



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